Version 0.9.9-20

GWintree provides GEDCOM-based facilities to record, view, edit and merge genealogy data, and to produce reports, family trees showing all relatives, and other charts, The program is a port to Linux of Wintree v5.1, offering similar functionality. For more information, see the Wintree home page.

GWintree is freeware, but not open source, and is available only as binary rpm and deb packages, a Mac OS X bundle and a Solaris package. The rpm packages are built under Fedora 12 and openSuSe 11.1. The debian package is built under Ubuntu 10.04: it requires libsane, but no longer needs libzip.

Download GWintree v0.9.9-20 rpm package for Linux [Fedora 12] (899KB)

Download GWintree v0.9.9-20 deb package for Linux [Ubuntu 10.04] (1036KB)

Download GWintree v0.9.9-20 rpm package for Linux [openSuSe 11.1] (871KB)

Download GWintree v0.9.9-20 package for Solaris 10 (1042KB)

Download GWintree v0.9.9-20 bundle for Mac OS X (10.5) (5018KB)


This is a free dos utility which may enable a gedcom file to be created from data in a database program such as Microsoft Access, which can export data in the form of delimited text files. This program is freeware and is not supported.

Download Acc2ged (37k)

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